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Event: 2019 Communities of Color Summit

from IowaCASA.

The 2019 Communities of Color Summit, entitled "Reclaiming Our Time," is an opportunity for Iowa based victim service advocates who identify as people of color to come together in a safe space to share information, resources, and knowledge. This will be a convenient space for individuals and organizations to network while participating in culturally specific workshops presented by those who work in communities that have experienced oppression throughout history. 

Victim service advocates in mainstream organizations are sometimes unable to emphasize the importance of culturally specific support and services. Attending this summit will provide a space for those individuals to discuss challenges, and to strategize and connect while empowering one another.

Victim service advocates who identify as people of color face insurmountable challenges both personally and professionally. Unlike allies in mainstream organizations, cultural needs go unnoticed or are dismissed. These are issues of systemic, structural, and institutional racism, phobias, and traumas that only people of color relate to. Gatherings such as the Communities of Color Summit assist in identifying specific challenges, administer space for resolution, provide affirming language, and empower individuals to present and implement policies that will create positive change to better our services for survivors of color. 

Attending the Communities of Color Summit is FREE and mileage reimbursement will be available to programs who are members of IowaCASA (one car per member program).  

For questions or concerns about this summit, please email or We look forward to seeing you at the Communities of Color Summit!


On September 4, the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault will be hosting a special award ceremony and dinner for anyone who would like to attend. The award ceremony will feature speakers and conversation about how we can continue to work against oppression and empower community members to take action. 

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