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Website & Social Media Policy resources from Safety Net

The Safety Net team recently posted updates to two resources in English and in Spanish that might be helpful in your work.

The Website Safety & Privacy resource updates information about quick escape buttons and internet safety warnings, as well as adding a new section that dives into the backend of your website in line with confidentiality obligations.

The Social Media Policy Guide includes things to consider and include when crafting social media policies about use of social media by your organization, advocates, and survivors. This includes what to do about offensive posts, how to respond to survivor’s requests for help, and a focus on empowering survivors.

In these two resources, we’ve covered most of what you should consider when designing (or redesigning) a website or a social media policy, including some things you might not have thought about before. You can also check out our toolkit on Agency’s Use of Technology beyond websites and social media, and our Digital Services Toolkit about using technology to communicate with survivors.

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