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Staff Back-Up – Rural On-Call Position - RVAP

The Division of Student Life; Rape Victim Advocacy Program is seeking a Temporary On-Call Direct Services Advocate to coordinate and provide medical, legal, personal, and system advocacy, and other direct services to sexual assault victims/survivors in RVAP’s southeast Iowa service area. Must be able to take call shifts on a rotational basis with other staff members and respond as quickly as possible (generally within 60-75 minutes when responding in-person, and within 20 minutes with responding via telehealth) to medical and law enforcement locations throughout Des Moines, Henry, Lee, and Van Buren counties.

To apply, applicants must submit via email their resume and cover letter to: Colton Smith, HR Coordinator, Division of Student Life; colton-smith@uiowa.edu.

Click here for more details: https://jobs.uiowa.edu/content/temp/view.php?job=123236.

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