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Regional SART Coordinator for Riverview Center

General Role Description

The primary responsibility of this position is coordination of the acute systems response to sexual assault which includes medical, legal and advocacy systems in the communities of Region 3.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with area law enforcement, hospitals, prosecutors and victim services to assess, develop, implement & maintain Sexual Assault Response Teams in rural Region 3. Utilize current partnerships and SARTs as a resource for those areas without SARTs.

  • Plan and coordinate regular (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) meetings for County SARTs and bi-annual Regional SART meetings. Keep minutes and provide follow-up materials in a timely manner.

  • Provide trainings, referrals, evaluations, technical assistance, and the raising of awareness of sexual assault services. Participate in cross-training with area partners and respond to media inquiries as appropriate.

  • Communicate needs in an informative and professional manner to response partners for the purpose of building opportunities for collaboration and development. Including participation in one-on-one meetings with SART partners.

  • Facilitate small and large group professional discussions around SART planning.

  • Create informative and appealing print materials for the promotion of SART in Region 3.

  • Create policy and protocol including MOUs, releases of information, confidentiality agreements, and discipline specific resources specific to the needs of each community’s SART efforts. Evaluate these policies and protocols on an ongoing basis. No less than annually.

  • Coordinate or provide training opportunities for SART teams, as whole groups or for individual disciplines.

  • Communicate with and review performance SART partners on a regular basis for the purpose of ongoing assessment and integrity of the program.

  • Collect and report on statistics and progress of SART services to all team members, and to funders as requested.

  • Attend committee or department meetings to assist in creating, changing and implementing policies, procedures, practices, etc. as they are needed and as it relates to Region 3, and other local, state, and federal legislation and laws.

  • Work to bring awareness of Riverview Center SART services to Region 3, by participating in events, activities, and groups.

  • Answer crisis and business line, and provide crisis counseling/intervention, make necessary referrals, and/or connect the caller to the appropriate staff member or other professional. Provide telephone support to all Riverview Center offices to ensure the best customer service to all callers.

  • Participate in after-hours dispatch on a rotating basis, manage and maintain the dispatch phone on a daily basis and transfer the phone as needed to the person on dispatch as needed. Mange the dispatch monthly calendar and send reminders to dispatch staff to sign up for shifts. Provide availability to respond in-person or by phone to hospitals, police stations, and other facilities to provide support services to SART responses.

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