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Post-Election Resources and Safety Planning

In a lot of ways, we are living in unprecedented times and there is still so much uncertainty around the Election. We wanted to share some helpful resources following the immediate aftermath of the Election, which as of the time of this writing are still unknown.

If anyone needs anything or has any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us (email is typically the best way to communicate at the moment, given how many of our staff are still working remotely). Email with any specific TA requests.

In the meantime, here is a roundup of resources to assist advocates and program directors. Please utilize for yourselves and for your clients. If you have additional resources you think might be helpful, please email them to We will be updating this list as needed.

Safety Planning for Communities

Clever Girl Craftings Safety Planning Checklist > click here for document to download, click here for Instagram post

Community Safety Recommendations > click here

General Emergency Plans > click here

Safety Checklist for November > click here

Organizational Tools

Leadership Learning Community > Election Day Scenario Planning > Emerging Wisdom from The Field > click here

The Management Center > Election Season Community Conversation Slide Deck > click here

Interaction Institute for Social Change > From Trauma to Transformative Futures framework for the future > click here

Resources for Civil Unrest

Des Moines Black Lives Matter Foundation & Collective > Black State of Emergency in Iowa > click here

Resources to Prevent and Mitigate Political Violence > click here

Self Care

Coping with Intense Emotions Around the 2020 Presidential Election > click here

Grounding practices and techniques > Beauty after Bruises > click here

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