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Everyday Practices of Transformative Justice (video)

from the Barnard Center for Research on Women

Featuring Shira Hassan, Martina Kartman, Rachel Herzing, Mia Mingus, Priya Rai, Lea Roth, and Sonya Shah

Transformative justice is a vision and framework for preventing, intervening in, and transforming harm. There are a number of different practices that fall under that broader framework. In this video, longtime practitioners of restorative and transformative justice discuss the everyday skills that we need to develop to reduce violence and to address harm.

Proactively mediating conflicts among friends and family, learning to give good apologies, negotiating healthy boundaries, and developing active listening skills all contribute to increasing our self-efficacy for preventing and intervening in harm. These skills are building blocks for lessening conflict and harm and provide a foundation for building towards an abolitionist horizon.

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