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Digital Manager - Resonance Network

Position: Digital Manager Status: Contractor

Schedule: 20-25 hours/week

Compensation: $40-$50/hr Timeline: 6 months, with potential expansion of role by end of contract period Location: Anywhere in the United States (this is a remote position) Deadline: Priority will be given to applications received before May 11; applicant should be available to start by May 25. _ __ Position Overview Resonance Network is seeking a Digital Manager to join our Communications team. The Digital Manager will work directly with the Communications Director and play an essential role in developing Resonance Network’s digital strategy. The Digital Manager will lead execution of a range of communications and engagement activities that connect, inform, and inspire the Resonance Network community--and that uplift the work of Resonance Network participants across the country. The Digital Manager will be responsible for: 1) implementing Resonance Network’s digital content strategy, 2) co-managing the communications calendar and supporting the production of new content for social media, email, blog, and other Resonance Network communications, and coordinating data management and communications systems. The Digital Manager will work directly with the Communications Director and coordinate closely with other Resonance Network staff. People of color, immigrants, queer, women, transgender, non-binary folks encouraged to apply. _ Essential Functions

  • Collaborate directly with Communications Director to implement strategic online engagement to deepen and grow the Resonance Network community, including driving/coordinating email and social media strategies that can be tracked/measured

  • Executing digital content strategy (via email/Action Network, website, social media channels, etc.) to support network communications, learning & evaluation, governance, weaving, and self-organizing/collective action

  • Jumpstart Resonance Network’s online presence in coordination with Communications Director, including co-design and execution of a digital strategy, daily execution of social media posting across channels, email messaging, and evaluation of relevant analytics

  • Contribute to data collection, learning, and evaluation strategies in collaboration with a learning and evaluation “circle” (working group) within the network _

Key Skills and Experience

  • Experience with and excitement for building online engagement

  • Demonstrated commitment to racial, social, and economic justice, and willingness to be in deep practice (living our values) toward creating an equitable world

  • Willingness and ability to envision the world we want--a world rooted in deep relationship, vibrant community, and connection to the earth and ancestral practices

  • Ability to work independently and think creatively about how to leverage the resources at their disposal

  • Fresh perspective/approaches to reach others who are like-spirited but not yet connected to Resonance Network

  • Ability to conceive of digital strategy in support of a networked community rather than a traditional organization or “institution-building” approach to digital strategy (i.e., Resonance aims to be a community of network members who communicate with each other, with opportunities for self-organizing and network weaving, rather than just a centralized organizational hub)

  • A strong instinct for reaching/engaging folks living at the intersections of multiple systems of oppression (racism, misogyny, transphobia, ableism, etc.), as well as how these structural issues affect our work together

  • Both a strong orientation toward collaboration and capacity to drive work independently

  • Strong writing and editing skills with an emphasis on clear, inspiring writing; strong graphic design instincts (background in graphic/web design a plus)

  • Ability to set clear and measurable goals while holding space for emergence, experimentation, and group processes

  • Enthusiasm about creative processes, cultural/narrative strategy, and liberation-informed data gathering

  • Strong interpersonal skills, including ability to communicate openly with coworkers and community members

  • Experience with Google and social media analytics and ability to use data to inform digital strategy

  • Facility with virtual content management platforms, including Wordpress and Action Network a plus


About Resonance Network

Resonance Network connects people who are imagining and building a world rooted in deep relationship, vibrant community, and connection to our planet. We believe this world--a world beyond violence--is one we all deserve. Resonance Network participants are building this world every day by embodying these values in ourselves and our communities, and by taking action together to transform our collective systems. Resonance Network participants work together to:

  • Uproot violence that particularly affects girls, women, and gender-oppressed people.

  • Center people who most experience the impacts of historic and current systems of oppression as leaders in this transformation, particularly Black, Indigenous, immigrant, Muslim, and LGBTQI+ communities.

  • Create the conditions for communities to be thriving, just, and compassionate through practices that foster deep connection and relationship building.

Together, we take action to shape culture and move policy that centers the wellbeing of all people. We believe our communities are enriched by the full participation of all people, and that when a community practices justice and compassion, we make it possible for every being to thrive.


To Apply

In addition to your resume, please include links to your digital work, and submit a brief statement about why this opportunity interests you--specifically, how it aligns with your purpose, strengths and gifts, and your worldview. (You may respond to this question in the communication style of your choosing.)

Please send application materials to: jobs@resonance-network.org

Click here for the full job description.

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