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Legislative Advocacy in the Time of COVID (Webinar Training)

While the Iowa Legislature is convening in-person at the Capitol, IowaCASA discourages victim advocates from having face-to-face meetings with elected officials this year due to the ongoing pandemic. However, it's still just as important as ever to make sure legislators hear from you about what survivors in your communities need to heal and thrive. Join Public Affairs Coordinator Matty Tate-Smith and IowaCASA Lobbyist Amy Campbell for this interactive webinar. Topics covered will include: a debrief on Iowa's legislative body following the elections; messaging tips and framing; and best ways to connect with elected officials during the pandemic. Recorded on 2/11/2021. English-language captions are included in the training video. Please submit your evaluation after watching the webinar training in full. 

Resource links:
  • PowerPoint PDF in Notes form > click here

  • IowaCASA Bill Tracker Website > click here

  • Calendar of town hall meetings, forums, etc. > click here

  • Find Your Legislator > click here

  • Committees & Meetings Schedules for the Iowa Legislature > click here

  • Guide to the Iowa Legislature 2021-2022 (Iowa's Disability Policy Resource) > click here

  • Elected Officials, Regions 1 - 6 List > click here (courtesy of ICADV)

  • 2021 Leadership Key Committee List > click here (courtesy of ICADV)

  • 2021 New Legislators List > click here (courtesy of ICADV) 

  • Evaluation for this webinar training - please fill out to receive CE credit > click here

Don't forget to fill out the evaluation! (It only takes a couple minutes.)

Please don't forget to fill out the evaluation form after you have finished watching the webinar. This helps us evaluate future training materials. You can access the evaluation by clicking here or clicking the button below, which will take you to the form. Thank you so much for participating in this training!

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