Grievance & Complaint Policy

A complaint is received in writing to any IowaCASA staff members, IowaCASA Board members, or members of the IowaCASA Leadership Team. Anyone can provide the information: paid or volunteer staff member, Board member, service user or community member. The information can include a request for action on the part of the complainant, but it does not have to. Only actions involving an alleged violation of center standards can be reviewed through the complaint process. One of the first steps the review committee will engage in is to determine if a violation of center standards may be involved in the substance of a complaint. If a complaint does not concern a violation of center standards, the review committee will refer the complaint back to the center or complainant to resolve. The Leadership Team may offer to work with the parties involved on providing recommendations, if desired. Click here to view the full complaint policy.

IowaCASA is committed to providing effective services in a fair and professional manner. Our grievance policy is provided on our website and at the initiation of any direct services provided by IowaCASA. If you have a complaint regarding services received from IowaCASA, your complaint will be appropriately addressed. Click here to view the full grievance policy.

To view our service standards for comprehensive sexual assault programs, click here.

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